Smokintoken NFT  Road Map v.1


Launch of First 5 NFT’s

Launch Rest of 420 collection

Launch of Exclusive 420 discord server

Launch of our Minting website for our 10,000 (puff puff pass) collections.

NFT Governance system


Our NFT ecosystem is about building a community and having high-quality NFTs at a low cost. Our first collection will be the 420 collections. This collection will be limited to only 420 and will be affordable. The most expensive NFT in this collection is 1 Solana and the cheapest is .10 Solana. The rarity of the collection will be based on the following numbers. The rarity of the 420 collections will be based on the table listed below.  420 collection holders will also be eligible to receive NFTs as an airdrop for just holding a 420 NFT. When we launch our “puff puff pass” collection you will be able to mint 1 NFT for free.  This is just the beginning of the benefits of holding the 420 NFT because any other collection that we come out with will come along with the ability to mint 1 NFT for free. This means that if our NFT collections become higher in demand the demand for owing the 420 NFT will increase.

Holding a Smokin NFT will give you the ability to participate in the events that we put on. The events will be exclusive in nature. This will be possible once both collections the “420 collection” and “Puff puff pass”. These types of events will be voted on once our NFT Governance is established.

The secondary market is a 10% royalty which means if you buy and sell on a secondary market a 10% royalty fee is charged. This is common in the NFT space, but a large majority of projects charge 15%. The royalty will be used to fund events and keep the staff paid. It cost money to run a company and we will rely on the secondary market to assist in funding future projects and events we put on.